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Taos Earthships

by John Kejr

Before visiting an earthship for the first time, you should view the Earthship 101 Movie which explains what earthships are, their construction, how they work for heat, water, and power, and other interesting details.  This free download (compliments of Earthship Biotecture) which lasts 11 minutes, will familiarize you with many of the features and systems that you will see in the homes.

Part I

Part 2

After you see this movie, you should read my blog.  Here you will read my discussion of many of the issues involved in owning an earthship.  This information updates frequently so check back often.

I also recommend visiting the Earthship.org website.  This site provides lots of in depth information on earthships from Mike Reynolds and his organization.   Please note, however, that their pages showing homes for sale are not current and most of the properties that they show as being for sale are no longer on the market.

If you are very serious becoming an earthship dweller or you just want to add earthship books to your library you can also order the following Earthship and Off-grid living books from Amazon.com

Michael Reynolds' books Earthship Vols. 1 - 3 are considered to be the defining works on earthships.  Below are other Michael Reynolds books as well.

Earthship Volume 1

Earthship Volume 2

Earthship Volume 3

Water From the Sky

Comfort in Any Climate

Earthship, I want one

Earthship Global Model Operation One: Tire Work

Packaged Earthship - Plan Option Book




You will probably find these other items from other authors of interest as well.



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